Global Youth Observations of Adults

I want them to stop smoking in the house. Gamabunta, 8, m, Japan


Adults’ thoughts are becoming worse and worse; until we can change their thoughts, the country can’t develop. Rahul, 15, f, India


Adults never think about the future. They must be cautioned to think about tomorrow. Naveen, 16, m, India

Their bad habits: gamble, smoke, and so on. Jin, 18, m, China

I would try to stop bad behavior like rape, unnecessary drunks, and all illegal business like selling drug abuse. Sarrwatt, 19, m, Tanzania

Listen, Be More Understanding and Less Judgmental

I would like adults to allow us not to listen to them.  Sometimes we do not know why we always have to listen to adults. Certainly their advice, suggestions, or ideas are good, but why don’t they listen to us or let us do what we think is also possible in their eyes?  Enoch, 11, m, Hong Kong


Listen to the problem first before yelling at someone. Mukta, 15, f, India


I would give them back all the insights they’ve forgotten since childhood–all those feelings that they no longer understand because they’ve grown up. This would be the best gift/change that I could give to the adult world, because it would lead to a better understanding of younger people, and better relations between people in general. Bethany, 16, f, Washington


Sometimes adults ask children to say sorry to them. However, they do not always admit that they are sometimes wrong. Some adults don’t even listen to teenagers. They think that they have lived long enough to outsmart those “little stupid kids.” It’s true that adults give good advice. But they need to know that they can also be wrong and they need to trust in young people more. It seems that some adults tend to forget they were once teenagers. Khue, 16, f, Vietnam

How do you keep an open mind and the magic of the world as you grow older? Sarah Louise, 17, f, British Columbia


Adults don’t treat children the way they should be treated. There is no equality and everyone ignores them. Small children are not given much freedom to decide what they want to do. Thus adults become a hurdle between success and individuality of youngsters. Raza, 17, m, Pakistan

Less Bossy, Rigid and Tense, More Fun


Adults are too serious and never have any fun. Kylee, 12, f, New Mexico

I would make them more pure, as in make them more of who they are, not who they are forced to be. Also, I would make them more imaginative and creative.  Sally, 14, f, New Zealand

I wish they could have more pleasure. I know life doesn’t always go the way we want, but sometimes they’re too serious. Tae-young, 16, f, S. Korea


Many adults see life too dull, but one should never lose one’s inner child. It is hard for many to get excited over small things. Say goodbye to your bad mood. Jennifer, 18, f, Germany


Parents love children too much, should be less controlling. They try to take care of me too much, cooking, etc. Jia Hong, 19, f, China

More Respectful

I would ask my father, and if he was busy, I would ask my mother why bigger kids or adults sometimes mistreat kids by being rude, ignoring them etc. Also, why are kids sometimes disrespectful to adults, for example if an adult says “hello” they do not reply. Mohammad, 9, m, Saudi Arabia


I actually like the majority of adults.  But, there are always the few adults who tend to treat kids like children without giving them a chance to show their worth.  I hate adults who talk to me as if I were still eight-years-old. I believe all people should be treated the way they act, and it’s wrong to just assume every teen acts like a teen. Jessica, 17, f, New Mexico


The constant arrogance that if you aren’t old, then you do not know anything about life. Experience can come at any age, and adults often forget that. Some kids are quite mature, and even if not, everyone has powerful personal experience. Usually adults forget about this until they run into someone who can surprise them enough. Marine, 20, f, France

Stop Meanness and Anger

I hope that adults should stop giving exams to us and stop shouting at us so that we (children) could be happy all the time.  We do not want to have too many exams because exams are great pressure to us.  We are also unhappy about adults shouting at us. We would like to be happy all the time and live happily.

Winnie, 11, f, Hong Kong

Don’t be mean to children or always think they are wrong. Ko-Yun, 15, f, Taiwan


Adults have anger issues I think. They get angry and rule the kids just because they ARE ADULTS and they think by talking to them in a loud voice and not giving them a chance to speak will earn respect in the kid’s hearts, as well as some fear, which will make them the real TYPICAL ADULTS. This is wrong. They should have a healthy and strong relationship with kids. I know the kids are in their learning stages and they need to study and learn the social standards of life, but by bursting your anger at them so they lose all their confidence and boldness, is definitely wrong and unfair. We should control it because the person who can control his anger is brave in true sense. Hassan, 17, m, Pakistan



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