Critique Draft of Global Youth Activism Book and Youth Culture Book

I invite you to read a draft of a book about global youth culture or youth activism. After working on the book for a decade, it got too long and became two books. If you’d like to read chapters and add your observations and critique, I’ll email the chapters that interest you. I also invite you to be part of the Facebook page Global Youth SpeakOut. Thanks, Gayle Kimball


Horizontal: How Global Youth Activism Transform Our Future

462 pages, plus intro and appendices

Table of Contents

Part 1 Themes

Chapter 1: Global Youth Power for Change  40 pgs

Burning Questions, An Activist Profile, Youth Are Ignored by Scholars, Contemporary Youth Characteristics, Youth Power for Positive Change, Positive and Altruistic.


Chapter 2 Global Youth Problems  21

Youth Are Ignored by Scholars, The Youth Bulge Creates Instability, Underlying issues Create Discontent, Global Problems, The Bottom Line: The Environment


Chapter 3: How to Make a Revolution 39

What Drives Social Change?, Need for International Perspective, The New Social Movements, Discontent Isn’t Enough to Cause Revolt, Resources Are Necessary to Succeed, Political Opportunities are Needed, Stages of a Social Movement

Chapter 4:Changemakers’ Goals 37

Youth as Changemakers, Very Young Activists and Generational Differences, Youth Political Goals: Peace, Children’s Rights and Health, Food for All, Economic and Social Equality, End Discrimination Against GLBT Youth, Democracy, End Corruption, and Solve Unemployment. Environmentalists?


Chapter 5: Activist Tactics, 39

Examples of Activism, But Some Youth are Apathetic, Change Making Tools: Electronic Networking and Media


Part 2 Regions

Chapter 6: Middle East 31

Middle East, Iran, Tunisia, Yemen, Bahrain, Palestine, Libya, Syria, Israel, Monarchies, Islamism, Democratic Outcomes?


Chapter 7: Chapter 5 Egypt’s 18-Day Revolution, 40

The Groundwork in Egypt, After Mubarak Stepped Down, Interviews with Demonstrators in Tahrir Square, Women’s Role in the Egyptian Revolution, The Muslim Brotherhood Wins and Loses Parliament and the Presidency


Chapter 8: Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Wins Then Loses Control, 21

Free Elections, Women’s Rights Eroded, Conflict Between the Muslim Brotherhood and Critics, Desire for Democracy?, Morsi is Ousted by the Military, Democracy Restored?


Chapter 9: Sub-Saharan Africa 23

Youth Issues; Uprisings Sudan; South Africa; Zimbabwe; Nigeria; Ethiopia; Young Women: Issues and Activists; United Nations and National Youth Programs


Chapter 10: Uprisings in Europe 35

Iceland, United Kingdom, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Italy


Chapter 11: Former Communist Countries 25

            Eastern Europe 2012-2014, Russia, Vietnam, China, Thailand


Chapter 12: Revolutions in Latin America 27

Mexico, Cuba, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Venezuela


Chapter 13: North American Uprisings 20

US Occupy Movements, Immigration Activism, Canada


Chapter 14: Global Status of Young Women, 37

Advantages of Gender Equality, Gender Equality is Valued by Youth and Adults, Inequality Persists in All Countries, Lack of Education, Rural Vs. Urban Sex Roles, Feminization of Poverty, The Key to Gender Equality, Life For a Traditional Village Teen, Women in Government


Chapter 15: Young Feminist Activists 31

Young Third World Women Activists, Women’s Studies, Feminist Generation Gap in the US, Globally Young Girls Speak Up, Young Men’s Viewpoints, Book Conclusion

Youth Culture Book

Chapter 1: A Global Generation 31 pages, 13421 words

Get to Know Eva, Abel, Sahar and Yuan; Global Youth Worldview; Tends Shaping Our Future


Chapter 2 Generation Gap 27/11223

Teenaging of Culture vs. War on Kids; Generation Gap; Generation We or Me?; Helicopter Parents Want School Success; What Youths Think About Adults


Chapter 3: Global Youth Characteristics 22/9104

Generation Y, Z, and Alpha Characteristics; Open-Minded, Fun and Helpful


Chapter 4:  Generation We or Me? 24/9549

Selfish and Materialistic?;  Community Involvement; Entitled, Lazy and Rude? Other Mental Health Problems?; Anxious and Lonely?


Chapter 5  Consumerism vs. Caring for Others  33/14347

Materialistic Consumers of Products and Entertainment? Teen Identity Through Consumption, Social Unrest from Rising Expectations, How Youth Are Manipulated by Multinational Corporations, Negative Consequences of Consumerism, Youth Views about Getting Rich, Traditional and Modern Beliefs: Moving Towards the Middle


Chapter 6 Global Media’s Impact on Youth 18/7813

Contents: Global Media is Pervasive, Global Media Provides New Information For Some, Global Media Sells Consumerism


Chapter 7 Modern Values 26/12075

Morally Lax?; Modern Cultural Creatives; Generational Differences in Values; Individualism vs. Collective Values; Respect for Elders is a Common Value but is Diminishing; Youth Value Education, Service and Career But Feel Burdened


Chapter 8 Traditional Values 19/9138

Critics of Modern Values and Stress; Traditional Rural vs. Modern Urban Values; Traditional Values in First Generation Immigrant Youths; Youth Are Becoming More Family-Focused


Chapter 9 Religious Beliefs 25/11094

Religious Beliefs; Participation in Organized Religions


Chapter 10 Philosophical Attitudes  18/7825

Life Purpose; Do Gooders; Why Does Suffering Exist?;  Questions About God; Spirituality

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