What 80,000 Indian youth want their government to do

Voice of Youth, Youth Ki Awaaz, claims to be the largest online voice for youth. In preparation for national elections, it collected over 80,000 “demands” from diverse young people summarized in the unManifesto in March 2014.[i] The goals were delivered to over 100 politicians. The priorities, in this order were: Mandate youth participation in democratic processes with quotas for youth and women politicians and fining non-voters, make education relevant and spend 7% of GDP on education, ensure the safety and dignity of women as by reserving one third of police forces for women and providing clean public toilets, create viable employment for all including vocational training and special jobs for rural youth, government transparency, reform health care as with free health care in rural areas and safe drinking water, improve infrastructure with access to electricity and public transport, improve the environment, and improve the safety of sex workers and transgendered people, and stem urban migration by improving farming practices.


[i] http://www.youthkiawaaz.com/campaign/unmanifesto/


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