The Low Status of Indian Women

A woman physican, founder of an NGO for the poor in Chennai, responded to a draft of my chapter on Indian women in my book-in-progress “Brave: The Global Girl Revolution.”


Very though provoking why there is no Indian women movement  …whom to lead …all leaders are busy making hay when sun shines …a few struggling between police, families and court and handful are successful and rest lost in the battle and become silent thereafter ….a very bad city/ Country at many times

I wish all journalist stop running behind successful men and women and start documenting after listening to the lost women and their struggle ….this will tell us why we still don’t have a movement

Are women in India, the rich and poor the educated and illiterate equal …are all women just women .  Yes they are just women.

When they are alone they struggle but in a group they forget their mission and start discussing other matters …jewel, sari etc

The educated never turn to illiterate to educate they move forward to seek high placed jobs  as tutored by their family ….so who dominates men society family and the women is lost in the race because she fails to realize her role in it

The poor and illiterate are the most who struggle and when successful become real leaders ….funny does that mean only if a women struggles she can become a leader ??!!!

She also becomes the epic of home management an important post but she gets drowned in it many times not thinking what she has lost or what she needs to do for her daughter or daughter in law

I have seen miserable situations for women in my life

A mother is unable to support  her daughter who was raped by her father

A policewoman unable to bring justice for a girl child or a women instead listens and acts as per her higher authority invariably a male

A mother unable to hold on to her disabled child

A mom who goes for begging with her child and lives on that

Grannies making her grand child with limb deformity beg and wave at men for her living

A women journalist student who surrendered her baby born out of wedlock

A women doctor obstetrician shouts at a women in labour

A police woman supports the husband invariably than the wife in case of domestic violence

So many real life stories I stand sometimes where to begin

Women are used as a showpiece

Indian women are said to be tanned but she the ads ….they chases girls crazy ….i found my maid using Amway products can you believe that

So she is looked for her beauty alone and none respect her for what she is capable

Who ever deny’s, we are in a male dominate society …father, brother, father in law, husband, boy friend, son, colleague and the history goes on ….do women think they could be wrong in their decisions ……may be an internalized culture makes them feel safe when they ask ……so how should men then be is big question and very difficult to enrich or capacitate …. should it be inborn  …no but we do see a few successful to certain levels …how come ….the support of society, community, family is important for a women to march forward …..and this can happen ….women should understand that she can and it is with in her ……but can she perceive her and this where good people work and reach helps her.  Many women don’t know their rights …including those widowed and divorced

It is a painful to see women standing in court with their baby for a divorce

Every women, be it granny or mom or daughter or daughter in law or niece or friend  should have uniform thoughts about what a women should be and what she must do and her rights …..only then we can anticipate movement

I was addressing nearly 600 women in an garment industry on eve of International women;s day … I was talking about the first movement ….some where listening while others were talking among themselves or were running after their  child as if it was not for them …I felt it was because they felt it is not related to them and they cant do it

Such sad state of affairs

WOMEN  is surrounded by many evil things ….poverty, caste religion discrminations, illiteracy, cultural taboos and tradition etc she learn to live for others than for her self

Thanks for sharing this wonderful article

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