Youth Social Attitudes in India

A survey by Hansa Research titled “The Youth Vote,” interviewed 4107 people ages 18 to 25 in 16 cities in 2013.[i] It revealed gender differences: Probably because they have more freedom of movement, young men are more likely to have done social service (34% to 27%) and pay a bribe, 20% to 11%.

Not broken down by gender, what they think stops India from progress—in this order: poverty, corruption, terrorism, caste (68% think caste matters to youth and 76% won’t marry outside their caste), and lack of empowerment for women. As to how to improve women’s lives, men’s attitudes should change (52%), police should follow laws more strictly (51%), and better laws are needed (48%). Almost one-quarter think there’s too much emphasis on domestic violence (23%), while a third (31%) thinks there’s too littlie emphasis. A third feel home isn’t safe for women (34%), more so in Delhi (60%). More think women are unsafe in public places (71%) and in colleges and at work (59%). But over half of women think they have equal opportunities at work (51%). The South (67%) is more egalitarian than the North (45%).

Youth are traditional, saying they will have an arranged marriage (63%) and won’t marry outside their religion because they believe in traditions (68%), would become an outcaste (14%), and they want to obey their parents (10%). More men would like a stay-at-home wife (48%), than a working wife (20%) or either (21%), so she can devote herself to family (60%) and it’s the best place for women (37%). Women would more like to have a husband who works in an office (49%) than one who works from home (21%), or either (21%). Parents totally paid for their education for 79% of them. Only 13% say they would prefer to live with a partner (LTA) without marriage or are fine with either. Over half say LTAs are immoral or socially unacceptable. Over two-thirds (65%) would prefer a secure government job to a high-paid private job and 38% think they need the right connections to succeed. One-third would like to study abroad.




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