Gayle Kimball Vita

Gayle Kimball Vita



* BA, UC Berkley, History

* Teaching credential, UCB

* MA, UCLA, History

* MA, UCSB, Religious Studies

* Ph.D., UCSB, Religious Studies



* LA City Schools, World and US History teacher

* CSU, Chico, Professor of Women’s Studies and Sociology. Taught “Women    Internationally.”



50/50 Parenting (Lexington Books)

50/50 Marriage (Beacon Press)

ed. Women’s Culture (Scarecrow Press)

ed. Women’s Culture Revisited. (Scarecrow Press)

21st Century Families: Blueprints for Family-Friendly Workplaces,

Schools and Governments. (Equality Press)

How to Create Your Ideal Workplace (Equality Press)

The Teen Trip: The Complete Resource Guide (Equality Press)

Ed. Everything You Need to Know to Succeed After College (Equality


 How to Survive Your Parents’ Divorce (Equality Press)


Media Appearances

* ABC National News

* Geraldo

* Hour Magazine

* Late Night America

* The Michael Jackson radio show

* Regional TV and radio shows (i.e. Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Denver)


Social Media Platforms

*Global youth website:

*Photos of global youth and their homes:

*Video interviews with global youth on two YouTube channels:

*Twitter: #gaylehkimball


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