A Chinese young man compares living in Scandinavia

I can’t believe that I’m really in Finland!! sorry I still don’t have
internet connection in my room because it is really expensive. 20 euros a
month , so 240 euros a year–that’s 10 years’ internet service fee back
in my home town apartment. So of course I think it’s unbelievably
expensive, especially when I’m in a really advanced country renowned for
its technology.
I’m in the library. I just got my library card. So I can get on-line
here. But I will try to find more options to get internet connection.
I guess there are so much I want to tell you that I’m not sure where to
start.  But of course I’d like you to visit here and check everything
The first thing I noticed when I got off the train was that there were
no taxis. The bus passed by every 30 minutes. That’s quite different
from China.
Actually one thing can explain everything here—everything is too
expensive here!  Not many people would even consider getting a taxi
because they are too expensive. Before I came here, I thought it is that
only travelers and foreigners who are concerned about how expensive the
living expenses are, but only when I met people here I knew even local
people think everything is too expensive.
bus is also expensive, about 4 euro if it’s not further than one hour’s
drive, that is the fee of me taking a bus 100 times in Beijing.
Literally you will see only a few people on the bus. So how do people
commute or if they want to go somewhere—they bike.  You will find
parking lots for bikes EVERYWHERE!  I was pretty amazed when I saw many
elderly who are more than 50 and 60 years old biking to get their
groceries. The elderly here are quite independent. I saw many of them
traveling by their own. Everyone has a bike. A bike is like a car in the
U.S..  But Bike is not cheap either.  I don’t see many cars even in the
city center..
Because everything is so expensive , there are second hand stores
everywhere. I’m quite impressed when I saw many beautiful Finnish girls
picking up second hand clothes there. People here are so nice and so
fugal.  they live a frugal life, that is what I didn’t expect. My
Finnish tutor’s friend is using a Nokia phone that she bought 10 years
ago. And such a beautiful girl using a worn bag is not something I can
see in China. Let me give you a example of how thrifty they’re.( We
international students as well as local students all have a Finnish
tutor who will meet us in the train station or airport and show us
around in the town.and they will help us find the apartment and  show us
where we can buy second hand staff, show us the university, help us
adjusting to the Finnish culture. They are volunteer peer students. How
considerate the Finns are!!! ) On my first day to school, I happened to
meet a Finnish tutor showing his tutoree around the campus. I offered to
help them because they are carrying two HUGE luggage cases and two
bags.  We walked 1 hour and a half to her apartment carrying those heavy
luggages. When we got there, I saw a bus stop just in front of the
apartment. I asked the tutor why didn’t we take a bus. He said ” the bus
is expensive so I thought we could walk here. ”  in china, speaking of
4 huge luggage bags and one hour and a half’s road would first linked
to taking a taxi.

October 1

I am doing fine. All the weekdays were filled with lectures and seminars, and all the weekends were just crazy.. Gosh. International students are crazy. And suddenly I realize I am one of them. But different… Last week I just got drunk for the first time of my life and had my first hangover. Most of my neighbors happen to be Eastern Europeans (this city is close to Russian border, so I guess it’s natural.)  They were celebrating one Latvian’s birthday so I was invited to the party. Russians and Latvians drink like crazy. They drink vodka like beer, and drink beer like water. Inevitably, I had to drink for the celebration. I had my first cup of vodka and whiskey. By their words, a celebration without vodka is not a celebration.

I live in the apartment regulated by government housing. It is provided by the student housing company owned by the city. ( universities here don’t have dormitories unlike US and CHN.)

After about two weeks’ orientation we are having class now. The entire orientation week is whole new experience for me when it comes to higher education. There is no such concept as orientation week for new students in China. Although the Chinese higher education system has substantially adopted the European counterpart’s entire framework, but many details are not well attended like the European higher education system. The orientation week is a missing link for the Chinese education system. As there is no such concept of orientation week in Chinese universities, in the beginning of their college lives, many students are confused about what to do. Much of the information comes from their peer students, and the delivery of the messages much relies on the head teacher of the class.  I found the whole orientation week is very usefully. It’s crucial for its introductory and informative role for new international students, and for Finnish students as well, according to my peer Finnish students’ comment. I read somewhere in the US all the schools have orientation for new students, right?

Yes. I registered for Finnish 1. It’s a really different language from the major language families.

Nov. 1

I found a job. because everything is so expensive here. i had a small accident when delivering papers. i fell from bike because the ice on the ground after the snow. it snows too much here.for people who don’t speak finnish, there are few jobs, actually just cleaning and paper distribution. and the salary is 80 euros a month, that’s actually less than Chinese labor workers. the university has positions for teaching assistant, but they are given to people who can speak and write Finnish report. i guess  I’m a little down. haven’t talked to anyone for a while.

November 16, 2014. Notes on our Skype conversation from Finland:

Equality is the key characteristic, like don’t hold out a chair for women. You see women on the side of the road fixing their bikes and men don’t stop to help. Fins have poker faces, they don’t show expression. The always talk about being shy. In a college class, no one raises their hand unless the teacher asks a question. They don’t want attention. My Czech friend I told me nobody is trying to impress somebody. I don’t see any same sex couples holding hands People are so modest so there’s much under the tip of the iceberg that you can’t see. Everybody should be the same. Teachers don’t think one student is smart or dumb. In the high school I asked if they had any questions in a Mandarin class, not one. So you don’t show you know more or show off their talents, or show you’re rich. Should be on the same level. They don’t buy a fancy car or big house. All the houses are almost the same, not rich neighborhoods. City government owns housing company to provide student housing. It’s astonishing that so many listen to rock and calm, and they’re calm when they listen not moving their feet. Kind of creepy. A student showed us a movie called A Man Without a Past. He lost his memory when he got robbed on a train. He was calm. Soldiers listen to radio playing rock and roll. Speed ticket based on income. TV cable too. Positive discrimination. If two people complete for job, give it to the less capable because the other one can find a job elsewhere.

Finland is very Americanized. So many TV shows they know like Grey’s anatomy, America’s Next Top Model, CSI, south Park, Once Upon a Time. A Finnish girl told me she was very concerned about the US elections; a factor is they’re anti-Russian. Another thing that surprised me most was they almost all speak American English, especially the German students almost without accent. i thought in Europe they would have a British accent but even the senior generation has an American accent, probably because they always have American TV shows

For the few weeks I was here, I didn’t feel like I was in another country because most speak English. This town is so beautiful, feel like home. At 4 it’s dark. It snows all the time. People feel tired in the winter. Lapland is the best place to see the Northern Lights.. It’s a dream come true, but it’s so expensive to live here. The students are very poor. So second hand stores are common. They have goods from America like makeup. Have affinity for American culture because they grew up with it.

You can go into a master’s program without applying. You can test again till get a good score. The student union plays an important role for students. Free education is a result of student activism. Volunteer mentor. Free health care with student card. Discounts at school restaurants. 8 euros for lunch, 2. 20 with discount. No inspection or evaluation for teachers on all levels except student teachers. Highly respected profession, like doctors and lawyers in the US. Younger people proud to be a teacher, not like China where it’s a last resort. We trust them. Get teacher training when they start, senior teachers observe student or probation teacher suggestions. They believe in education and the teachers. A teacher told me there are more and more naughty students, more rebellious. I talked with a teacher who taught for 16 years, now they’re more difficult to manage. There’s no ranking of students, they don’t show the ranking list in high school. Matriculation examination, college entrance exam, but don’t worry about it. They’re more motivated than Chinese students because they’re responsible for their own studies. Have electives, minors, as long as have enough credits to 180 credits. Required to learn 2 foreign languages, learn Finish and Swedish and decide the level of the exam. The government is cutting funding for universities. Before government pay their salaries, now they get less money. High school students earn more than college universities. The economy was hurt when Nokia was bought by Microsoft.

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