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Global Youth Three Books Contents

Awesome:  How Global Youth Culture Transforms Our Future

Gayle Kimball, Ph.D.



Over 4,000 young people from 88 countries SpeakOut! Future leaders reveal trends in youth culture and identify crucial global issues to reveal our future directions.


Table of Contents

Introduction 15/5201


Chapter 1: A Global Generation 31 pages, 13421 words

Get to Know Eva, Abel, Sahar and Yuan; Global Youth Worldview; Tends Shaping Our Future


Chapter 2 Generation Gap 27/11223

Teenaging of Culture vs. War on Kids; Generation Gap; Generation We or Me?; Helicopter Parents Want School Success; What Youths Think About Adults


Chapter 3: Global Youth Characteristics 22/9104

Generation Y, Z, and Alpha Characteristics; Open-Minded, Fun and Helpful


Chapter 4: Generation We or Me? 24/9549

Selfish and Materialistic?; Community Involvement; Entitled, Lazy and Rude? Other Mental Health Problems?; Anxious and Lonely?


Chapter 5 Modern Values 26/12075

Morally Lax?; Modern Cultural Creatives; Generational Differences in Values; Individualism vs. Collective Values; Respect for Elders is a Common Value but is Diminishing; Youth Value Education, Service and Career But Feel Burdened


Chapter 6 Traditional Values 19/9138

Critics of Modern Values and Stress; Traditional Rural vs. Modern Urban Values; Traditional Values in First Generation Immigrant Youths; Youth Are Becoming More Family-Focused


Chapter 7 Religious Beliefs 25/11094

Religious Beliefs; Participation in Organized Religions


Chapter 8 Philosophical Attitudes 18/7825

Life Purpose; Do Gooders; Why Does Suffering Exist?; Questions About God; Spirituality

Global Youth Activism: The Horizontal Revolution


Gayle Kimball, Ph.D.



4,000 young people from 88 countries SpeakOut! Their horizontal leaderless organizing style is changing the world.





Global Youth Activism: The Horizontal Revolution

424 pages, plus intro and appendices


Table of Contents

Part 1 Themes

Chapter 1: Global Youth are Changemakers 40

An Egalitarian Global Generation, Global Economic Causes for Revolts, Preview of Questions Answered in Horizontal, Are Social Movements Theories Useful?, Recipe for Revolution


Chapter 2: Youth Characteristics 35

Global Youth Value Activism, Global Youth Altruism, Global Media Networks Enable Activism, Educated Middle-Class Changemakers, Very Young Activists, A Large Poor Generation, Economic issues Cause Discontent, Youth Are Historically Revolutionaries


Chapter 3 Global Youth Problems 36

Youth Are Ignored by Ageist Scholars, Some Youth are Apathetic, Youth Face Globalization Problems, The Youth Bulge Creates Instability, The Bottom Line: The Environment


Chapter 4: Changemakers’ Goals 33

Youthful Changemakers, Youth’s Democratic Political Goals, Peace, End Corruption, Children’s Rights and Health, Economic Equality, Solve Unemployment, End Social Inequality, Improve Outdated Education


Chapter 5: Activist Tactics 27

Individual Tactics; How to Make a Revolution; Stages of Revolt;

Anarchist, Feminism and Horizontal Organizing; The Tyranny of Stucturelessness; Direct Rather than Representative Democracy


Chapter 6: Chapter 6 Communication Techniques to Garner Support 20

Branding, Humor, and Theater; Electronic Networking and Media; Petitions; TV, Radio and Films; Music; Boycotts; Old Fashioned Changemaking


Part 2 Regions

Chapter 7: Middle East 39

Middle East, 2011 Dominos, Iran, Tunisia, Yemen, Bahrain, Palestine, Libya, Syria, Israel, Monarchies, Democratic Outcomes?


Chapter 8: Egypt’s 18-Day Revolution 42

Interviews with Demonstrators in Tahrir Square, The Groundwork, The Role of Social Media, The Invitational 18-Day Revolution, Who Led the Revolution and Why?, After Mubarak Stepped Down

Chapter 9: Sub-Saharan Africa 22

Youth Issues; Uprisings Debate; Sudan’s Rebellion; South African Youth; Rebellions in Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Ethiopia; United Nations and African Youth Programs


Chapter 10: Uprisings in Europe 49

Iceland, United Kingdom, Spain, Greece, Turkey


Chapter 11: Former or Present Communist Countries 33

Eastern Europe 2012-2014, Russia, Vietnam, China


Chapter 12: Revolutions in Latin America 31

Mexico, Cuba, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Venezuela


Chapter 13: North American Uprisings 29

US Occupy Movements 2011, US 2012-2014, Florida Activists 2013-2014, Latino Immigrants, Canadian Student Uprisings and Idle No More

Brave: The Global Girls’ Revolution



Part 1 Themes

Chapter 1 Female Power and Goals 30 pages

Meet Young Women Leaders; What Motivates a Youth Activist?; the Future is Female?; Uppity Girls’ Rising Aspirations and Activism; Feminism, the United Nations and Governments Stimulate Equality; Young Men’s Viewpoints


Chapter 2 Global Desire for Equality 32

Equality is Desired Globally, More Females Desire Gender Equality, Girls Want Economic and Social Equality; Claims that Women Leaders are More Peaceful, Feminist Organizing, Inequality Persists in All Countries


Chapter 3 Global Status of Young Women 29

Rural Vs. Urban Sex Roles, Feminization of Poverty, Education, Health, Violence


Chapter 4 Consumerism Targets “Girl Power” 37

Materialistic Consumers of Products and Entertainment?; Teen Identity Through Consumption; Social Unrest from Rising Expectations; How Youth Are Manipulated by Multinational Corporations; Negative Consequences of Consumerism; Youth Views about Getting Rich; Traditional and Modern Beliefs: Moving Towards the Middle


Chapter 5 Global Media Helps and Inhibits Girls 30

Global Media is Pervasive, Global Media Provides New Information, Media Exposure Makes Youth Opinionated and Brave, Global Media Sells Consumerism, Media Addiction Creates Dumb Zombies


Part 2 Regions

Chapter 6 Feminist Waves in the West 33

Second Wave Feminists of the 60s, Second Wave Created Women’s Studies, Inequality Persists, Generation Gap, Third Wave Response, Rejection of Feminism?, Fourth Wave


Chapter 7 Muslim Countries 37

The Middle East, Women and Islam, Iran, Tunisia, Yemen, Libya, Turkey, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia


Chapter 8 Egypt 29

Traditional Male Dominance; Education; A Pioneering Feminist: Dr. Nawal El Saadawi’s Egyptian Union for Women; Young Women in the Revolution; After the Revolution; Sexual Harassment is Common


Chapter 9 Women in Developing and Emerging Countries 35

Women and Development, Latin American Youth Issues, African Issues and Activists


Chapter 10 Women in India, the Emerging Superpower 47

Youth Issues, The Gap Between the Rich and the Poor, Hybrid Youth Culture and Attitudes, Youth Activism in Politics, Traditional Sexism,



Chapter 11 Socialist Countries–China and Russia 43

Part 1: China: The Setting, Traditional Beliefs, Rural vs. Urban Youth, Youth Issues in an Era of Change from Maoism to Capitalism, Current Chinese Issues

Part 2: Russia: History, Attitudes Towards Feminism, Consumerism and Glamour, Putin’s Nationalism and Rebels


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