Quick healthy recipes cookbook: Fundraiser for Literacy Program in Pakistan

I put together my friends’ favorite quick healthy recipes as a fundraiser for a literacy program in Pakistan, second only to Yemen illiteracy rates. College students there go to villages and teach basic skills. See photos of the studentshttp://opendoorsliteracyproject.weebly.com. I can mail the books to you or they’re available as ebooks online at sites like Amazon. They’re $12. All profits go to the program. If you have favorite recipes to add, let me know gkimball at csuchico.edu. Please forward to your network.


Table of Contents



Appetizers                                                                  page 3


Salads                                                                         page 10


Veggies                                                                       page 20


Soups                                                                          page 24


Veggie Main Dishes                                                 page 28


Meat Main Dishes                                                     page 44


Fish Main Dishes                                                       page 50


Bread                                                                           page 54


Desserts                                                                     page 58


Drinks                                                                          page 68


Other Quick Healthy Recipe Sources                  page 72


Health Tips                                                                 page 73


Index                                                                            page 94


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