Young People for Democracy in Cuba

Cuban socialism under Fidel (age 32 when he took over in 1959) aimed to create a “new man” like Che Guevara who puts the group good over individual good. Che said, “I am not me anymore, at least I am not the same me as I was before” the revolution.[i] After Che died in 1967, students pledged before starting class, “We will be like Che.” Fidel Castro said in 1960, “Youth people are the purest product of the Revolution!” A young computer scientist, Eliécer Ávila blogged in 2014,

I grew up listening to my teachers saying that our society was building the man of the future, a different one, one that would have no defects, no malice, none of the vices “inherited from capitalism.” Those of us who over the years strived to bring ourselves closer to something that is a good New Man, today find we are aliens maladapted to this society.[ii]

Eliécer Ávila, a computer scientist and blogger, age 29, started a political movement call Somos+ (We are More) in 2014.[iii] In a “letter to young people” he asked them to get involved in “the reconstruction of the country,” rather than complaining. He aims to overcome isolation and enable people to express themselves on a platform without fear, hoping to mobilize a vanguard. His goals are a democratic parlament, free access to the Internet

[i] Gonzalo Gernandez, “The New Man in Cuba,” Intrepid Media, July 30, 2013.

[ii] Translating Cuba: English Translations of Cuban Bloggers, July 23, 2014





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