Indian town welcomes girls with a tree

Piplantri. This is a small village of about 5200 people in Southern Rajasthan (Rajsamand District). People decided here to welcome a girl child and they planted 111 trees whenever a girl was born in the village. Due to this innovative practice, the villagers have planted close to 2.5 lakh trees so far. The villagers plant 11 trees whenever a person dies in this village. They not only plant a new tree, they also nurture and support the planted trees. The villagers have also grown aloevera around those trees to protect them. This has helped them in employment generation also. Not only this, they also collect Rs. 21,000 and add Rs. 10,000 from the father of the girl and deposit this Rs. 31,000 in the bank in the account of the girl with a maturity covenant of 20 years. They also take an undertaking from the father of the girl that the girl will not be married pre-mature. They have framed their own systems and own set of regulations, which are accepted, followed and practised more religiously than the law of the land. Their regulations have benefitted themselves and have enabled them to transform their village beyond ordinary levels.

People of this village have collectively evolved many such practices which make this village the best village to visit. This village has also won many awards like the Adarsh Village award, Nirmal Gram award etc. This is the village which has emerged as the model village. This village has proved that the collective spirit of the people can convert any village into a heaven and this spirit must be recognized and respected.

People’s Own Country

Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain
14th January 2015

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