Regional Women’s Development Organizations

The Global Fund for women invests in “women-led organizations and women’s collective leadership for change.”[i] It was founded in 1986 by three California women.

In the US, Sisterhood is Global Institute in Canada calls itself the “Think Tank of International Feminism,” interacting with many other similar groups.

WIDE (Women in Development in Europe) is composed of European feminists who lobby their governments’ development polices to include women’s well-being, similar to WEDO.[ii]

Gender and Development Network in the UK lobbies for women in development programs.[iii]

The Asian-Pacific Resource & Research Centre for Women focuses on women in their region.[iv]

In Latin America, FCAM, The Central American Fund for Women, targets grants to young women’s rights organizations in rural areas, specifically “indigenous, Afro-Caribbean, with disabilities, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, sexual workers, HIV-positive, migrant, domestic, and maquila workers [factory workers].”[v]

Some organizations promote Muslim women’s rights like Women Living Under Muslim Laws founded in 1984.[vi]








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