Chinese Censor TV Cleavage

.[i] The government spent millions to cover actresses’ cleavage in a popular TV historical drama The Empress of China, adopted by Hong Kong as well because of the “unhealthy images.”[ii] The government controls all media and Internet access and the Prime Minister gives only one press conference a year, similar to Russia’s Putin. To try to keep reporters in check, in 2010, China required them to have training in Marxist communism.[iii] “Comrades who are going to be working on journalism’s front lines must learn theories of socialism with Chinese characteristics and be taught Marx’s view on news, plus media ethics and Communist Party discipline on news and propaganda,” Li Dongdong, deputy director of the General Administration of Press and Publication, told Xinhua.

[i] James Farrer. Opening Up: Youth Sex Culture and Market Reform in Shanghai. University of Chicago Press, 2002, p. 24

[ii] Oiwan Lam, “What Does Censorship Have to Do with Hong Kong Electoral Policy?,” Global Voices, May 3, 2015.



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