Financial Influence on US Education

Canadian professor Henry Giroux maintains that “America is descending into madness” due to neoliberal predatory capitalism’s oligarchical control. Its nonstop marketing imposes “narcissistic hyper-individualism.”[i] Making a profit trumps all else even in educating children, hence the attack on teacher unions and tenure, emphasis on test taking, and undermining public education with the focus on vouchers and pro-profit schools.[ii] Neoliberalism defines the purpose of education as training workers for the global economy. He blames the Gates Foundation for funding right-wing groups and Arne Duncan, President Obama’s Education Secretary for also pushing the neoliberal agenda. Giroux advocates that social movements and teacher unions work together to oppose neoliberalism.

[i] Henry Giroux. The Violence of Organized Forgetting: Thinking Beyond America’s Disimagination Machine. City Lights Books, 2014, p. 9.

[ii] Ibid, Chapter 6.


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