What Global Youth Want from their Education

In recent surveys of millions of young people, they picked improve education as the most important global issue. Entrepreneurial in sprit, they want education to include practical skills, an entrepreneurial learning environment where they learn from doing, get performance feedback, access social networks and involve employers. Over two-thirds favor a 70-20-10 model where most of the learning includes internships and volunteering, followed by interaction with mentors and peers, with only the last 10% formal classroom curriculum. The skills they most need to succeed are learning new languages, public speaking, leadership, and critical thinking. Isha, 24, in Mozambique said, ‘students are often tuck in classrooms learning things that were not relevant to their future careers. I want to see more practical skills development that also enables young people to innovate and get more creative.” They’re frustrated about their job prospects after university graduation but at the same time over two-thirds intend to be a leader or senior decision-maker.

“Youth Speak: Powered by AIESEC. YouthSpeak Survey Millennial Insight Report. 2015.” 42,257 respondents from 100 countries and territories, a majority between the ages of 18 to 25.



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