African Problem of Girls Relying on Sugar Daddies to Pay for Education

A recent college graduate in Zambia observes,

We have too many reasons causing such behaviors (young girls involvement in sugar

daddies relationships) such as poverty, ignorance, funny, force or

coercion from guardians or parents and many more. But the most causer

is the tendency by girls especially those in high school and college

wanting to have extra monies for upkeep. Results from such actions has

been increased HIV, STI’s infections, unwanted pregnancies, broken

families and marriages and mistrust in the institution of marriage

from young people. Just as one of our ministers said that teenage

pregnancy is a very serious problem and it comes because our children

do not get enough exposure to help them make well-informed decisions. I personally feel that we need to curb poverty and ignorance levels

because Zambia still has a young population of which more than half

are young below 15 years, plus out 10 3 are males, so you can imagine

the number of females (young) that we have and yet are exploited and

not protected by these shameless elderly men.


you can read more on;

Hey you can as well see this link.

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