Girl museum

Girl Museum HQ
2 September 2015
After the incredible successes of Gamer Girl and STEM Girls, we’re excited to annouce one more exhibition for 2015. STEAM Girls will explore the history and contemporary culture of girls and women who integrate STEM fields with the Arts. We uncover the first women to engage in STEAM fields, looking at beauty, art, crafts, and emerging technologies throughout time. STEAM Girls will also highlight modern-day girls and women whose research and inventions are working to improve lives as well as solve social and environmental issues around the globe.

You can still submit to our ‘Why I Game’ gallery, so if you’re interested in being a part of our Gamer Girl exhibition, email Tiffany with your name, country, a photo, and your answer to “Why do you game? How has gaming positively influenced your life?”

This month on our podcast, Program Developer Tiffany will be looking at Incredible Queens, including Elizabeth II, who is soon to be Britain’s longest serving monarch. Over at our Tumblr, we’ll be featuring Girl Chefs in honour of Kids Take Over the Kitchen day on September 13th.


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