US most unequal in school spending

The achievement gap between richer and poorer children is increasing as measured in standard tests on math and reading.[i] The wealthiest school districts spend about twice as much per student than poorer districts, a spending pattern typical of only three of 34 advanced nations (Turkey and Israel are the other two unequal nations). The other nations spend equally on all students or spend more for disadvantaged students. Despite high poverty rates, 59% of the discretionary budget is spent on the war machine.[ii] President Obama proposed a $585.3 military budget for fiscal year 2016.

[i] Robert Reich, “Back to School and Widening Inequality,” Robert Reich blog, August 25, 2014.

[ii] Dave Lindorff, “War: Where 69 cents of Each of Your Tax Dollars Go, Nation of Change, February 8, 2015.


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