Sanctity of Marriage Kim Davis Married 4X

“Kim Davis has been married four times, had two children out-of-wedlock. She managed to get her cozy government job because her mother handed it down to her, and now Ms. Davis is doing the same for her son.”


One thought on “Sanctity of Marriage Kim Davis Married 4X

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    I tend to think that the most active progressives desire a definitive pronouncent of doctrinal change about as much as orthodox Catholics want a definitive pronouncent against it. Ambiguity and confusion at the end of the synod wouldn’t be a good thing, but if the hoped-for changes don’t happen–and they won’t–I don’t think liberals can honestly consider it a win. That would be like the Cubs throwing a victory parade for winning the NL Wild Card while still losing the NLDS.

    I have a (very small) hunch that both the synod and the Pope end up more clearly pronouncing Church teaching than perhaps most of us expect. We forget that however much pressure there is FOR dramatic and implausible reforms, there is also a strong movement for a more vigorous proclamation of the Gospel of the family, especially from the U.S., Africa, and Eastern Europe. Those voices can be marginalized by rigging procedures, but those voices will certainly be loud enough to hear. These are prelates who are committed to helping the synod bear positive fruits and I suspect that they will have their game faces on. Or maybe I am just giving myself a pep talk here.



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