Are US kids spoiled?

In an article asking “Why are American Kids So Spoiled?”, Elizabeth Kolbert cites a TIMES and CNN poll that two-thirds of US parents think their children are spoiled.[i] She suggests American kids may be the most indulged young people in history with the exception of the offspring of the Ming dynasty and the French dauphins. She quoted Sally Koslow’s book Slouching Toward Adulthood stating that youth feel entitled, Madeline Levine’s book Teach Your Children Well that maintains parents do too much for their children with the intent of making them special, Pamela Druckerman’s book Bringing Up Bébé comparing stricter and more effective French parenting with her own parenting, Hara Estroff Marano’s book A Nation of Wimps: the High Cost of Invasive Parenting that blames over-parenting on the pressure to get into a good college as means to get a good job. However, others disagree: In The Myth of the Spoiled Child (2014), Alfie Kohn presents evidence to show that helicopter parenting is rare and may do more good than harm and that this generation is similar to previous ones.

[i] Elizabeth Kolbert, “Why do Kids Rule the Roost?,” The New Yorker, July 12, 2012.


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