Black Students Experience Racism

A panel of four CSUC students shared their experiences being African American in Chico in a Black Lives Matter workshop on October 2015. All of them suffered the indignity of walking down the street in a mostly white college town to be assaulted by racist slurs and commands to go back to the jungle. Cans are thrown at them from passing vehicles displaying Confederate flags. Even more offensive is what happens on a campus that says it values diversity. Teachers and students also look to the black student in class to speak for all people of color. Many classes require group work; the students said they’re the last to be chosen simply because of their skin color. Once in a group, the others don’t want to meet at the black student’s house. That not only hurts, but also impacts their academic success. The students were frustrated that racism continues unabated just disguised in different language. A political science major who grew up in “the hood” in Los Angeles said “There’s a negative stigma about being black and it has an effect on me.” A black woman on the panel said she worries about getting a call that something harmful happened to her brother and her partner.


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