Gen Z in UK Pessimistic about Future

Chloe Combi interviewed Generation Z teens in England and quoted what they told her in her 2015 book with that title. Many were pessimistic about their own generation and the future:

John, 18: listed problems that started with 9/11, continuing with Ebola, ISIS, immigration, WikiLeaks, CCTV (video surveillance). We’re all being watched and controlled every second of every day…. You’ll probably die from government-planted disease or be assassinated in a phony government war. P. 267

Mary, 15: I think things are going to get worse for the next generation. The world is becoming a much more depressing place. Much more.

Rachel, 16: “Our generation is fairly screwed because it was bon at the birth of the Internet. We’re sort of left in its wake and have suffered with all the lot jobs, lost money and negative changes.”

Matthew, 18: At the moment kids are sleepwalking through school and blindly going to university to rack up a debt of eighty grand and then not being able to find a job…. It’s going to be survival of the fittest, sink or swim, more than ever. Kids need to get ruthless is they want to survive the coming world. Trust me.” 270

Michael, 17: I think kids are losing their ability to work as party of a team. It will probably get worse in the next ten years. I’m definitely seeing more of that ‘all about me’ mindset with kids…. They all want to be the stars not the players.”

Keeley, 17: As the world gets more depressed, there are no jobs and everything is just getting worse, kids are going to need something to hang on to.

David, 18: “I hear fewer and fewer tragic coming-out stories and more and more brilliant ones.”

Deana, 16: the more time we spend online, on our phones and whatever technologies are coming, the more trouble we can get into. And stuff can come back to haunt you.”

Charlie, 17: We aren’t like, defined by anything. Like you read about hippies, punk, Vietnam, women burning bras…. What are we going to be know for” the generation that spent a shitload of time on social media?” He goes on to say that there are lots of problems to be solved, but they don’t do enough of joining political parties, starting magazines, start radio stations, start businesses, volunteer, join the Army for a couple of years because that’s the right thing to do. “I do a lot of stuff and I actually get laughed at by my friends. I think my generation is a boring one.” 284

Parth, 18, accepted to Oxford: I think this next generation of women are going to be crazy powerful.

Hayley, 17, What’s the point of voting? “Every government just after the other just makes things worse. Things are awful now; imagine what they are going to be like in ten or twenty years time.” 293

Kelly, 17, Glasgow. We’re having a definite new wave for my generation of feminism. We read about how women were treated in the last generation and it sounds better than it was now. The Internet has shown the world what a lot of people really think of women. I think it’s been a real eye-opener. The hatred is just so obvious.” 294

Rita, 17. Few jobs, unaffordable housing, growing tension between races and religions, deciding what our relationship should be with the Internet, anger at the government, poverty.

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