Saudi young woman driver runs for council

restricted hours. However, the head of the Shura Council denied the report. In December 2014 two Saudi women were detained for driving unto the kingdom from the UAE because it encourages licentiousness. Loujain al-Hathloul (age 25) and journalist Maysa al-Amoudi (age 33) were detained longer than any other drivers, freed in February 2015. Between them they had 355,000 Twitter followers who were kept current on the journey from UAE.

Al-Hathloul became a YouTube star in 2013 when she posted a video of herself showing her face and hair stating that she would never cover herself and a video driving. In 2014 she live-streamed driving from the UAE into Saudi Arabia, which resulted in 73 days in prison.[i] Her finance created a video No Woman, No Drive, a take off on Bob Marley’s No Woman, No Cry. She was banned from running for office in 2015, along some other women activists, but successfully fought to be allowed to run for municipal council by “making some noise.”[ii] Her supporters used social media to campaign for her. She said, “Basically, I annoyed them,” she said. “I guess it worked.” This was the first time Saudi women could vote and run for office albeit with restrictions like not being able to use their photograph and only the third time males could vote. Al Hathloul was selected one of the 100 most powerful Arab women 2015.[iii]

[i] Loujain al-Hathloul


[iii] “The 100 Most Powerful Arab Women in 2015”


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