Jesus Was A Radical

Jesus was a radical who violated Old Testament rules like not touching a bleeding woman or talking with prostitute and overturning the money changers’ tables in the temple. He taught the spirit of the law rather than the letter. He thought the end time was imminent so he emphasized personal salvation rather than legalism. A feminist, he discussed theology with women, breaking another taboo. He said Mary made the wise decision to discuss ideas with him rather than be in the kitchen with Martha, although traditionally women didn’t study the Torah. Women traveled with him and were first there at the resurrection. He said being rich made it difficult to achieve salvation and that we should care for the poor as emphasized by Pope Francis who is upsetting the Vatican establishment. Jesus said to be like a child and turn the other cheek, instead of the Old Testament notion of an eye for an eye and a vengeful Jaweh. All the politicians who say they are Christian seem not to have read the New Testament.

An interesting note is the similarity of stories about Jesus and Krishna, and ancient rituals of killing the king around the winter solstice to insure the spring would come again.

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