Young leaders’ views: Global Shapers Survey 2015

The Global Shapers survey of over 1,000 young activists garnered responses from 125 countries, with the most from Latin America and the least from China.[i] Their mean age was 28 and 60% of the respondents were male. They reported the top three issues facing the world are inequality (56%) climate change and the environment (42%), and access to education (33%). They support local businesses over imported ones. The top issues facing their cities are inequality, youth unemployment, and lack of government transparency. When asked which sector will require the most change to adapt to Millennials, they replied government (54%), education (42%), and agriculture (24%). Few trust government, religious leaders (only 15%), news media, or multinational corporations. However, 85% said they vote in national elections. They only trust their employer (68%) and NGOs (46%). The living world leaders they most admire are all men: Pope Francis, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Richard Branson, Mohammad Yunus, Narendra Modi, and Warren Buffett. When asked what are the most important things they look for in a job, they said the opportunity to make a difference (65%), opportunities to learn (51%) and career advancement (40%). Similar to other studies, they identify globally willing to move to another country.


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