Chinese teen compares sex roles in Canada and China

Young women in China used to please men. I mean they have to follow every single rule that men made them to do, they have to do them and make them happy. If they don’t, men will punish them (for example punch them). But not all men do that though…. there are still good men. Anyway, if you watched some TV series about ancient China before, you’ll find out Chinese women always do things their husband wants. Men have right to do everything but women don’t. A man could have many wives but a woman can’t have more than one husband. But as time pass, things get changed a little bit. Now, women don’t have to please men now! In China, men are afraid of women. Women controls money, and they get to decide important things that affect family. In most family in China now, men do some housework and work out side, take care of children sometimes while women could choose to work or not, they also play a part in taking care of children. Women can live easier than before. In other word, women take control of a family. At around 2000, women learned how to be strong and knew how to be strong. They learn more things and have better education. Women beat up men through works, activities, and other normal things in daily life. Their actions teach men to respect them and live with them equally. Women has stand up in China!

I remembered when I was Grade 8, there was a debate about Wu Zetian (the first and only emperor in Chinese history). We were debating about those boyfriends Wu Zetian had, my classmates a women can’t have that much boyfriends. I was furious, why a man could have many girlfriends but women can’t have more than one boyfriend? It is a little bit not fair. Wu Zetian was a great woman. She is an emperor, same as a man. Plus, she is a really great ruler. China was peaceful by the time she was a ruler.

I came to Canada about 5 months ago, as I get to know more and more Canadians, I feel like female has more rights here. Let’s take PE class in school as an example. PE class in China is very different from Canada’s PE class. Female don’t get the chance to learn many sorts like football or soccer, they think these are boys’ sport. Girls also has different levels, they often have lower level comparing to boys’. However, in Canada, girls have the same level as boys. They do the same sports, have the same activities. It is a lot more fun because of the different things we do together, boys and girls. I feel free here, totally free. Another thing is females here often get help from males. For example, when I was carrying some heavy stuff in school, there often male classmates offer me help, they carry your stuff. And, when a girl and boy both go through a door, the boy will let the girl go out first. Maybe this is really common in Canada, but this kind of thing does not happen in China. Males in China seem not very gentle and few know how to be gentle and help females. If a girl and a by walk pass a door together in China, the boy will let himself out first and don’t ever think of the girl. This is really strange isn’t it? I mean the difference of female rights between China and Canada.

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