Teen Leads Brazil’s Opposition Movement

A young libertarian, Kim Kataguiri, age 19 and grandson of Japanese immigrants, gained fame from millions of hits on his satirical YouTube videos about Rousseff and her party’s welfare programs. He said, “ I have hope that our generation can change the ways things are done” using the Internet to spread “knowledge, participation and transparency in politics.” He went on to found the Free Brazil Movement in 2014. Inspired by Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, the college dropout attracted 200,000 demonstrators in São Paulo in 2015 to protest against growing taxes and inflation and for free-market economics. He advocated privatizing all public companies and impeaching Rousseff. His Facebook page has more than a 100,000 followers. As a high school student, Kataguiri wasn’t involved in the more left-wing and anarchist 2013 uprising. Some of the members of the movement were influenced by US right-wing groups including the Atlas Leadership Academy based in Washington D.C. and the Cato Institute, partly funded by the infamous Koch brothers.
Matt Sandy, “Meet the Teen Spearheading Brazil’s Protests Against its President,” TIME Magazine, October 27, 2015.

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