Teens want to build a better world

What MTV asked over 1,000 13 and 14-year-olds in the US what they would name their generation, they picked the Founder Generation.[i] The endnote includes a video of a panel of teens discussing the topic. Runner-up terms were in the same vein: bridge, builder, regenerator, and navigator. The teens said Millennials were disruptive “of the existing framework of race, gender and sexuality equality;” in contrast 90% of the Founders want to “build a better world” and 91% are optimistic they can achieve this goal. Diversity will be valued in the new world as they’ve learned from the Internet to understand people from different backgrounds and starting in 2011, a majority of the Founders are people of color. They said their generation doesn’t feel “pressure to stick to a mold of who they should be” (79%). MTV researcher Jane Gould reported they have “a stunningly intuitive sense of the changing times they’ve been born into and the huge opportunity to make new history.”

[i] “Meet the Founders,” @MTVinsights,


Diana Bradley, “The New Influencers,” PR Week, February 2016.



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