What names do you hear for Gen Y?

The Guardian reported on what different countries call people born after 1980.[i] European countries have different descriptors for what the US calls Millennials and the UK and Australia calls Gen Y: Sweden’s Generation Curling (for parents clearing all obstacles from their path like clearing an ice field), Norway’s Generation Serious, Poland’s Generation John Paul II (upset by the Polish pope’s death in 2005), Germany’s Generation Maybe (unable to commit faced by many options), Greece’s Generation of 500 euros (the government salary paid to young workers) and Spain’s Generation Ni-NI or Mileuristas (neither work or study or low salary). Chinese call them ken lao zu, “the generation that eats the old” for living off their parents, and Japanese call them nagara-zoku, “the people who are always doing two things at once” or the Relaxed Generation who live with their parents. Others call them Generation Terror because they grew up after 9// and the war of terror, Echo Boomers because they have some of the same values and large size of the Baby Boomers, or Generation Debt in the US and Generation [high] Rent in the UK and Australia where young adults fear they won’t be able to buy a house and have to pay high rents.

[i] Carmen Fishwick, “Five Markers of Adulthood Millennials Have Had to Give Up,” The Guardian, March 10. 2016.

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