Young people betrayed economically

The Guardian newspaper researched data about Generation Y in eight of the largest developed nations, concluding they were they didn’t delay adulthood because they were indulged by their parents—as often said about them, but because they are betrayed by the economic hardships they face. They did as they were told, obsessed with achievement, they went to university, but graduated burdened by student debt and unable to find well-paying jobs in their fields. Jane, 29, UK told The Guardian, “I did all the things we were told to do…but on a single income, housing is my nightmare.” Not being able to afford a house also makes it difficult to raise children. Lauren, 23, reported from Scotland that she has temporary jobs so she can’t sign a lease on a flat, living with her parents. “I yearn to escape and begin my adult life, but I feel like a reluctant Peter Pan.”

Carmen Fishwick, “Five Markers of Adulthood Millennials Have Had to Give Up,” The Guardian, March 10. 2016.

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