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Turkey’s President is Sexist

Women were very offended when Turkey’s Erdogan said that a childless woman is half a woman and that they should have three children. In 2016 he said that using birth control is treason,” a follow up of his statement on International Women’s Day that a woman is “above all else a mother.” As well as a ban on birth control, his government proposed limiting abortion and caesarean sections. Two years previously Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc said that women shouldn’t laugh in public, so women tweeted with photos of themselves laughing. Women that I spoke with in Turkey in June 2016 were outraged at his comments, called him the Dictator.

A Chinese teen comments on current issues

“Wendy” commented in emails on my chapter about gender roles in China for my book-in-progress about global young women’s issues and activism.

I ‘m 14 years old. Actually I came to Canada to study because of one of the stupid policy of China. Chinese government don’t allow students who are not born in Beijing study in Beijing. I wasn’t born in Beijing but I moved their when I was one years old. During the time I was in Beijing, we pay the duty as Beijing citizens, we do the same thing as Beijing people. But the government still don’t allow me to study there. And, I don’t want to go back to my hometown because my hometown is poor in education. I mean, they don’t have good teachers, they still beat students if they make mistake just like ancient time. I don’t like that so I decided to study abroad. My mom was going to let me study abroad when I was still in primary school, but for some reason, she gave up. Anyway, I decided to study abroad. At first, Canada is not my first choice. America was. Since I want to go to university in the US, I much prefer to read high school in the US. But father said America is not safe and I choose Canada instead! I feel really lucky to choose Canada. I’ve met super nice friends and teachers and I love them!!!


love it! You got everything correct. You even find out about the accident happened in Tiananmen Square(Page 27 and 29). I mean, we do learn that in history, buy we didn’t learn that in details. We only know that it was a student repel and nothing else.

As for the Mao and Deng part on page 27, in China, many people say that Deng has many disagreements with Mao, their thoughts are sometimes opposite from each other.  Do you remember the ten years disaster( in China we call it Wen Hua Da Ge Ming)? This Ten Years Disaster was terrible. Many people died because of hunger and illness. The government that time was busy doing other stuff which is “doing business and make our life better” (government equals to Mao). In history course, we didn’t learn that much about that because the government don’t want us to know that much truth.

The TV show and other media part (page 34) is truly right. In China, the reason for not letting Chinese people use Face Book is there are violent stuff and sexual stuff on Face Book. However, when I came to Canada, I found that the true reason for not let using it  is the news on Face Book (and Twitter as well) make them look bad. All Chinese people know news in China does not tell the truth. All of the news are useless. Chinese government also block many webs and apps. The more media they block, the more curious Chinese people are.

On page 2, the numbers of women who works in the government make me think of a women who used to be on the top of the Chinese government. I forgot her name but I remembered she’s nearly the minister of China. However, unluckily, she was killed my her enemy right before the big election. She was a very important figure at that time, many Chinese women see her as a model.

The One Child Policy on page 4 the bottom part about abandon baby girls seems scary…… Actually parents in urban do not abandon babies, because most urban families have only two children, usually one boy and one girls. What’s more, they have better education and know more disadvantages about abandoning a baby. As for people lives in rural, they don’t abandon baby girls, instead they starve them because of the large number of children they have. Some people lives in rural places sometimes have six or more children! They are poor and that make them uneasy to raise a child. They care about boys more for boys could help them with work and their old ideas about how boys are important. Girls in rural area seems to live in a miserable life. They fight with hunger, with cold weather( their parents don’t give them thick clothes, thick clothes are for boys), with education problems( usually they could read in schools until Grade 9, their parents think girls should not get that much education and plus their parents can’t afford the fee, they have to charge education fee when they are Grade 10) and etc. But still, some girls from rural get the chance to learn and go to collage.

I laughed when I see the word “剩女”! This is a really hot word in China! That means women who can’t find a husband util 30 years old. Yes, some of these women has really bad tempers and some of them choose not to get married because they don’t want to. Women who choose not to married are women who are really strong( I mean in work) and very independent. Their are a famous saying ” I can prove that women CAN live without men” said by a famous female boss in China. She is very rich and really famous. Well, for me, I think women do need a man to talk about, we still need a man to express our feelings, or we will be really tired and grow old fast.

At page 17 bottom part and page 18 top few lines I read the violent problem in China. Violent problems in China are really serious, I think you should talk more one that. I think rural areas has more problems on that. Almost every women that lives in a rural area have been beaten by their husband. There was a news about a woman been hit by her husband. She has her eyes red, arms broken, nose bleeding and other hurts on her body. All of them came from her husband’s hand. How cruel is that?! How can he do that?! The woman stayed in hospital for about two months. During her staying in hospital, her husband came once and tried to beat her again, he said he’s going to kill her. She ran to the doctor’s office and ask for help, those doctors and nurses had to call the police to stop him. That man stayed in police station for a few days. Then later, the man was put in prison (I think he was put in prison…… if I didn’t forget). He was punished and criticised  by the society. Though this was a hot news in China at that time, violence still happen in China. Result shows over two third on violence problem in family came from the East of China. That is a rural area in China. There is a saying that says “do not marry a man comes from the East of China”. Man from that place seems to have violence in their gens, they can’t change that. As for sexual violence problem, that do happen in China. Still, most happens in rural areas. Because rural areas are quiet, far away from urban and fewer people, bad guys choose to do bad things their. Their are some hot news about that, I know one, I knew it on my social class when I was in China. There was a 12-year-old girl, her parents were very very busy so she often stays at home herself. She has a neighbour, a man around 50 years old. That man lives by himself. That man often see the girl stays at home alone and he had some bad ideas. One day, he sneak to the little girl’s house (how I don’t know) and assault on her. The girl was pregnant at the age of 12…… As for the bad man, the was put in prison for the rest of his life. Now, sexual violence problems have been better, the happening rate has become less comparing with before. I do hope we don’t have that kind of problem again……Many Chinese people skip the “blocking wall” and visit and web they want. Some people also sigh in Twitter and Face Book! But, if you got caught when you are “skipping”, you will get into trouble. I don’t know what kind of trouble is but it is terrible.

Mexican teacher strike about education reform

A Mexican student Carolina commented on the teacher strike and blocades on July 4, 2016.
Our incredible president (ha!) aims to privatize education (and petrol and many other things), which has caused chaos. Because of this, many teachers and educators have gone on strike (some of them have inherited their positions without even studying) because they do not agree with the reform. The reform is awful, but it has got a fair point: Only those who are prepared to be teachers will be able to do so. I know it will mean a lot of people would lose their jobs, but it might better education. At the same time, this reform “deletes” humanities from the courses list. It’s a complete mess and scary. Right now, Oaxaca is closed off. Nobody knows who’re the “good” guys and who aren’t.

Teens Start New Political Party in Hong Kong with Hunger Games Imagery

Teens (age 19) Agnes Chow and Joshua Wong started a new political party in Hong Kong to fight for more independence from Beijing. Their poster shows Ms. Chow like Katness in the “The Younger Games.”-demosisto-poster-hunger-games-exlarge-169

Her FB video “An urgent cry from Kong Kong” quickly got over 800,000 hits to protest disappearance of independent book sellers.