Syrian Refugee’s Poem

Posted by Melody Leopard on Facebook:
I met Ahmed at EKO refugee camp in Greece. He is a beautiful poet. In honor of his birthday, I would like to share a poem he wrote about his experience in the camp. It’s titled ” EKO Station.”
If you are in EKO station
You will see the real dehumanisation
You don’t have the right to have
to love, to get small inspiration
You are just a number
For another greedy nation
They will never see you as a human being
Just a creature they threaten with deportation
I wish that I was dead in Syria
Rather than be in this situation
I am not sure what you can call this treatment from the best civilisation
Despite this all
We will not break down
We are the strongest combination
To cross the mountains
The desert the borders
To make the sea our last destination
To be Syrian that means to suffer in every way
In your imagination

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