Young African entrepreneur

“One of the biggest problems I see at present is the lack of true African stories. Everything you read online about startup success is typically about a white male who dropped out of an Ivy League school, raised a ton of money and built a company with it. Where are the African stories? That’s why I’m writing this blog.

Secondly, the global media has such a pessimistic narrative of Africa as a continent. I think the world is really changing and Africa really is rising, despite what the media says. The solutions for Africa, solving African problems will come out of Africa and be championed by Africans. This is the future I see.”

Wiza Jalakasi, age 23, Malawi

3x African startup founder, 1 meh, 1 fail, 1 $30k VC in progress, Savannah Fund alum • Malaŵian • BSc. (Hons) • BizDev @africastalking


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