Gen Y teens less sexually active

Larger data sets reveal that in fact Millennials are having less sex. For the Baby Boomers and Gen X, the age of first intercourse steadily fell and the trend continued from the beginning of the 1950s peaking in the early 1990s.[i] But the trend reversed itself with Gen Y: For the past 25 years teens are waiting longer to have intercourse and fewer teens report losing their virginity. From 1991 to 2013 the percentage of high school students who had engaged in sexual intercourse dropped from 54% to 47% and condom use increased from 46% to 59%. The percentage that had sex with four or more partners decreased from 19% to 15% and teen sexual assault also decreased. There’s more awareness that date rape is rape and young women have a right to say no.

[i] Malcolm Harris, “When It Comes to Sex, Baby Boomers Aren’t Normal,” Pacific Standard Magazine, August 16, 2016.


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