the most maligned generation?

A Pennsylvania State University professor, Sophia McClennen also defends her college students against charges that they’re lazy, clueless, and selfish, believing they’re “the most maligned generation in decades.”[i] She quotes scholar Russell Dalton who believes they may be the most attacked generation ever. She points out they work while in college, volunteer more than their elders, and are more socially aware and engaged than Boomers were at their age. They attended the “most punitive and rule-based grade schools in the developed world” with more standardized tests and homework. They struggle with debt and other pressures leading to increases in psychological problems reported by college counseling centers and don’t deserve to be bullied. The comments on her 2016 Salon article were generally supportive, suggesting that Millennials are attacked because they’re progressive, although some commented they’re rude and uninformed and more adversarial with faculty.

[i] Sophia McClennen, “Students Suck, Professors Don’t Care and Other Myths You Shouldn’t Let Ruin the Start of the School Year,” Salon, August 28, 2016.

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