Are Indian youth a spoiled generation?

I asked Indian SpeakOut student if older generations think Gen Y is spoiled.


Earlier, our parents did not have the luxury of choosing their dreams as much as we do. For example, my grandfather has an amazing voice but could not give up stuff to pursue that, though he still says he would have become Mohammad Rafi (an Indian singing legend) if he had gone to Mumbai. Similarly, my dad had to pursue job after diploma instead of graduating. Even I feel guilty of spending half of his net worth to get a European degree. Now if you see the story, I seem the most self centered don’t I? 🙂 All in all, given India’s largest growth rate in the world, many things are changing fast. In my opinion, many children also have mistaken definitions of modernity, for example thinking that English is more affluent than Hindi and clothes define personality.

There were days when Miss World from India used to crown the next Miss world from India again, it was because our beauties also had intelligent brains.. But after 2000 (the year when Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss Pacific were all from India), India has not won any. Our beauties are pretty as ever but their thoughts are not as solid and do not reflect our mystical culture perhaps.

The poor kids either don’t have good guidance, or are just swayed by the rich English speakers and try to imitate them. Even though they are unable to imitate, they as a result lose their originality and what they should be. In a lot of ways, the new generation needs morals, good interpretations, self realization and education more than mere literacy and money and development.

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