TV shows about struggling white males

TV sitcoms explore the “battle of the straight white man to assert his masculinity in an increasingly alien world” they no longer control, as highlighted in a viral sign slamming Hilary Clinton’s “vagenda of manocide,” according to James Poniewozik. His examples of TV shows that found a place for men in 2016 are: Kevin Can Wait (about a retired policeman who goes back to work to prevent his daughter from dropping out of college to support her designer fiancé), Man With a Plan about a contractor who quits work to care for his children while his wife goes back to work, and The Great Indoors that explores generational conflict between an older journalist and Millennial workers he views as coddled. Son of Zorn is about a macho animated warrior and his ex-wife and son who live in present day Orange County, California. In 2012, Work It featured two unemployed men who dress as women to find work.


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