Believing in primary sources, I asked a college-bound high school class in Chico, California, about increase in anxiety and depression among their generation. They vehemently agreed, with a show of hands, because they are so stressed. Most of them get around six or seven hours of sleep on an average weeknight because of homework, about a quarter of them also do paid work, plus school sports and other activities, and doing chores at home. By the time they take a shower and go to bed it’s midnight or later and they’re worried about all the tests and work they face the next day so they’re not relaxed. It’s hard to find time to hang out with friends and relax. They feel pressured by their parents to do well in school and go to college, but they know that they’ll probably graduate with student loans and may have trouble finding a good job. Like SpeakOut students around the world, despite the fact that their parents were once teenagers, things have changed with school work more intense and with more rules like having to wear seat belts or not being able to leave campus for lunch. As usual, they also feel their access to technology has changed them. They would like their parents to really listen to them, treat them with respect, realize they’re not children anymore and not complain if they don’t get an A on a test.

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