Gen Y compare Gen Z siblings

Debbie (21, f, California student) compared Gen Y with Gen Z in 2016.

I used to play outside when I was younger and always had to wait my turn to use the computer in my house or play a PC CD game. I didn’t know about the Internet until I was 11. I created my first social media in 6th grade with MySpace. Nowadays, Gen Z has way more knowledge about the Internet and technology. My young brother knows so much information through watching informative videos on YouTube and using Google. It is unfortunate that they do not spend a lot of time outside using their imagination and staying active. I believe kids from Gen Z are more protected that Gen Y. My parents used to allow us to go shopping with our friends or siblings without supervision. Now I wouldn’t allow my brother to go out alone with his friend because of my fear that something bad will happen to him. So many bad things have happened in our world today that parents are more protective of their children today. We are all learning to become more open minded and loving towards one another. My generation is a population who loves everybody for who they are.

In Greece, 19-year-old Olivia compared her childhood with that of her sister, age 13.

They’re more spoiled. They grow up a lot faster than I did. They have the same schedule as me, do similar things with their friends, have the same technology, the same clothes and attitudes, and how they talk about money. I think parents spoil the children because they work a lot, they compensate by buying them stuff and letting them do want they want. My younger sister has Instagram but my mother won’t let her have Facebook. In my age group, we don’t care about likes and comments, I do it for myself. But the younger generation cares; there’s a lot of bullying, trying to find their identity, a lot of tension. I got bullied in person at that age at school too, but now, there’s also violence, hitting, especially if someone insults your mom. They jump on each other and kick each other, but we didn’t do that in my generation.

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