How to Succeed in School and College

I invite your additions to this book draft about about how to do well in school and university. What worked for you? Any favorite resources? Thanks, Gayle Kimball

Chapter 1 Student Experiences and Study Suggestions                            

How to Achieve Your Goals

Understanding Your Learning Styles, Making Your Brain Work for You Coping with Learning Disabilities

Study Skills: Reading, Note Taking, Memorizing, Study Groups

Test Taking Skills, Writing Essay Exams and Research Papers by Stephen Tchudi

Oral Reports

Time Management vs. Procrastination


Chapter 2 Coping with Stress

The Physiology and Causes of Stress

How to Cope with Stress

Balance of Left and Right Sides of the Body


Chapter 3 Understand Mind Power

Research on Mind Over Matter

Positive Self-Talk

Understanding Our Emotions and How to Clear Emotional Blocks


Chapter 4 Emotional Issues that influence School Success



Anxiety and Depression



Chapter 5 Physical Vitality

Healthy Food

Prevent Eyestrain


More Energy

Enough Sleep


Chapter 6 Education in Various Countries



United States

South Africa


Career Planning


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