Title for book on how global youth will change our future

How Global Youth Values Will Change Our Future
How Global Youth Ideas Will Change Our Future
please let me know which title you like best, or an alternative.

Here’s the TOC:
Chapter 1: A Global Generation
Get to Know Eva, Abel, Sahar and Yuan; Global Youth Worldview; Tends Shaping Our Future

Chapter 2 Generation Gap
Teenaging of Culture vs. War on Kids; Generation Gap; Generation We or Me?; Helicopter Parents Want School Success; What Youths Think About Adults

Chapter 3 Modern Values
Morally Lax?; Modern Cultural Creatives; Generational Differences in Values; Individualism vs. Collective Values; Respect for Elders is a Common Value but is Diminishing; Youth Value Education, Service and Career But Feel Burdened

Chapter 4 Traditional Values
Critics of Modern Values and Stress; Traditional Rural vs. Modern Urban Values; Traditional Values in First Generation Immigrant Youths; Youth Are Becoming More Family-Focused

Chapter 5 Religious Beliefs
Religious Beliefs; Participation in Organized Religions

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