who are US Millennials?

Millennials, born between 1980 and around 2000, are the largest, best educated, and most diverse generation in US history—about 42% are people of color.[i] About 61% of adult Millennials attended college and more of their generation are completing their degrees, burdened by over $1 trillion in student loan debt. However, college graduates earn more than workers with only high school diplomas. Many of them believe what makes their generation unique is their connection to technology and at least three-quarters of them have a social media account. They value creativity and doing good on the job: This ties in to the desire of many of them to become entrepreneurs. An altruistic generation, they are more likely than older generations to say they want to make a contribution to society and they feel a strong connection to family, partly because their parents spent more time with them than older generations.

[i] All facts in this paragraph are from this report. “15 Economic Facts About Millennials,” The Council of Economic Advisors, October 2014.


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