What concerns Millennials from 30 countries

The 2017 Deloitte Millennial Survey of almost 8,000 full-time employees from 30 developed and emerging countries asked about their greatest concerns. Overall, the top issue is political conflict and tension (56%), while in emerging markets they are more likely to worry about crime/corruption (58%) and hunger, health, and inequality (50%). Overall, the second concern is about terrorism (29%), followed by unemployment at 25%. They realize that automation will bring major changes to their workplaces and a majority (51%) think they will need retraining. Climate change was towards the bottom of their concerns; although 59% believe that have some accountability for protecting the environment, only 38% believe they can create a “significant” influence. They have most hope about making change locally in advocacy groups and local companies; 88% say business has a positive impact on the world around it with the highest agreement in emerging markets.


The survey reported that Millennials generally reject the “new agenda” of radical political leaders like Donald Trump in favor of those who want gradual change. They do want “straight-talking” and passion in leaders. They are most satisfied working for liberal/relaxed managers than authoritarian ones and like to work collaboratively and consensually with flexible hours.


“The 2017 Deloitte Millennial Survey”


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