Millennials’ Distrust of Trump Leads them to Speak Out

Interviews with 1,833 US young adults in February and March of 2017 in all 50 states found that majorities of all ethnic groups disapprove of President Trump.[i] Many question the legitimacy of his election, mistrusting the Russian intervention in the campaign. Their dislike leads a majority of them to oppose his policies online and express their views to public officials. Smaller percentages donated money and participated in a demonstration. A majority of people of color approved of protests against Trump, but only 47% of white respondents approved. The Millennials also dislike Vice-President Mike Pence. Their top concerns are about health care, education, racism and immigration, although white respondents don’t list racism in their top three issues: health care, the environment, and education.

[i] “GenForward: A survey of the Black Youth Project,” the APNORC Center for Public Affairs Research, March 2017.

Click to access March-Report__Trump-memo-Final-Draft.pdf


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