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speaker and consultant on global youth

What’s on the minds of global youth
How global youth are transforming our future
Youth-led recent uprisings
Academic success
Stress management
Women’s Studies
Gayle Kimball, Ph.D, is the author of
a dozen books, many of which explore groups under-represented in research, such
as youth. Professor Emerita at California State University, she has travelled
around the world to interview young people for her book series about recent global
youth uprisings, young women’s issues, ageism in youth studies, and goals and tactics for changemaking. Your Mindful Guide to Academic Success: Beat Burnout is a recent book that includes physical and emotional health, stress management, and resilience as well as study skills.
See photos and video interviews:
*Around 100 video interviews with global youth:
*Literacy project in NW Pakistan:
*Twitter @gaylehkimball provides unique resources for youth and teachers

This amazing collection of action resources aims to “empower our global young generation with humanity’s leading solution knowledge, tools and support to be the Change Generation – co-creators, inhabitants and stewards of a global, peaceful, just, thriving and sustainable, a sacred civilization – by making it present in one million classrooms, then one million schools, as well as homes, workplaces, public and media.

We harness the powers of heroIne role models, proven solutions, positive news, cross-platform media, story, gaming, distributed planetary volunteer collaboration, win-win-wins for teachers, journalists, NGOs, citizens and youth … our focus space is schools – youth’s daily hangout and ten+ year co-working environment.


Youth-Leader provides curriculum, posters, videos, action plans for making positive change:

  • basic and master skills development
  • brilliant, proven solutions for favorite causes
  • smart tools and tricks
  • flanking measures for building funds, public, community
  • global changemaker community
  • positive news media culture
  • badges and vivid visual documentation


The website includes a place to donate to this worthy resource for youth and their teachers.

Resistance School Free and Online

Young people are the group who most disapprove of Trump, accord to the Pew Research Center and a Gallup Poll.[i] Harvard graduate students organized a free online “Resistance School” for students nationally. Beginning on April 5, the school includes videos and interactive readings, initially with four sessions, which quickly got thousands of sign-ups.[ii] The founders encourage groups to enroll rather than individuals. Three former Hillary Clinton staffers created an NGO called Flippable to identify districts most likely to flip to Democrats so thta donors can contribute to those campaigns.

[i] Charles Blow, “Resilience of the Resistance,” New York Times, April 24, 2017.


Charles Blow on Youth Activism under Trump

young people are particularly unhappy with Trump and turning against him. A Gallup poll released last week found that the percentage of respondents age 18-34 who believed Trump keeps his promises fell a whopping 22 points in the two months from early February to early April, from 56 percent to just 34 percent.

According to a Pew Research Center survey, young people aged 18-29 also give Trump his highest disapproval rating (63 percent) of any age group.

But these young people aren’t just stewing and complaining. They’re taking action.

As Time magazine reported earlier this month: “For more than 15,000 students across the country, Wednesday marked the first day of Resistance School — a program where the educational focus is mobilizing against President Donald Trump’s administration.”

As the magazine explained, the “school” was organized by “a group of Harvard graduate students” and offers “lessons on mobilizing activists and sustaining long-term resistance.”

Finally, and perhaps most importantly: money. Wired magazine reported this month that the resistance is “weaponizing data” with the emergence of a new nonprofit, crowdsourcing fund-raising tool called Flippable. It was founded by “three former Hillary Clinton campaign staffers” and pinpoints “which districts it believes are the most competitive for Democrats (the most ‘flippable’)” and allows donors to target those districts.


Resilience of the Resistance

Charles M. Blow APRIL 24, 2017



“Girls and Sex” by Peggy Orenstein reports double standard

Peggy Orenstein has written about US girls for decades. She interviewed over 70 girls ages 15 to 20 for her book Girls and Sex (2017). Many told her they wanted to lose their virginity before going to college and often their first experience of intercourse in “hook-up culture” was alcohol-fueled with a boy who wasn’t a close friend. The girls said that being a slut and a prude are both negatives. However, incidence of teen intercourse is down while engaging in alternatives like oral sex has increased at younger ages. Many of the oral sex encounters are one-way in that the girl services the boy without reciprocation. Girls taught supposed to be sexy to please boys, without emphasis on their own pleasure. College women were likely to tell Orenstein they were satisfied if their partner was happy. Orenstein found that US fathers tend to not discuss sex with their daughters (except at “purity balls” where girls in white are escorted by their tux-wearing fathers as they pledge abstinence until marriage), while their mothers emphasize being safe, and responsible. In contrast Dutch mothers emphasize girls’ rights to assert their desires and limits in mutual sexual pleasure.

Will Chinese Youth Gravitate to Materialism or Democracy?

Will young people find consumerism or freedom more appealing, keeping in mind the economy slowed down in 2015 and the stock market and currency was precarious? The novel China Rich Girlfriend (2016) describes the wealthy elite in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Indonesia who look down on Mainland Chinese as lacking in style. A character named Eddie says, “Typical mainlanders! They lavished every penny on their Little Emperor and suffered in silence.”[i] These rich families value conspicuous display of their wealth in their homes, cars, jewelry, expensive brand-name clothes, and art purchases. Some of the young adult characters are less materialistic than their parents, but most of them feel great pressure from their parents to marry other wealthy and respected people. An only child named Colette explained to her friend that her parents gave her the best of everything, including yearly plastic surgery when she was a teen to look prettier, in order to attract a “crown prince.”[i] Like Russian youth, will nationalism and materialism prevail over democracy? (More on censorship on the book webpage.)[ii]

[i] Kevin Kwan. China Rich Girlfriend. Anchor Books, 2016, p. 466.

[i] Kevin Kwan. China Rich Girlfriend. Anchor Books, 2016, p.5.


South African Student Peace Leader

Student Justice Sambo from South Africa has a message for you.
” ……The Global Youth Peace Summit held in California and Kenya (Oct 2016) awakened a leader in me, and I knew from that moment that I have to take on a role and do something positive for the world. At a time when wars, conflicts, hate and segregation has become a norm for us all, someone has to stand up and speak the truth, and spread love and positivity. I took on that role and aspire to reach and touch many souls deeply. The Amala Foundation from Austin Texas made it all possible for me to exercise that role by giving me the space to flourish, they played a huge role through their guidance and mentoring me to be the person I am today.

The Amala Foundation is entrusting me and two others (Naomi from Kenya and Aline from Malawai) with this role, the role to take on the Global Youth Peace Summit to African Countries, and I need the help of the community to entrust me with their belief and support. In order to achieve all this, I need to raise funds to attend the California Global Youth Peace Summit in June of 2017 to learn to facilitate with Vanessa, the founder of the Amala Foundation, and also attend the Ojai International Council training in Southern California. I will also be visiting Chico, CA to spend some time with the community.

 Every cent donated towards this will be appreciated and will help towards getting the Africa Global Youth Peace Summit a success.
Any donation by any currency will automatically be translated to the USD.  Please click on the link below to learn more and to give your donation by May 15. “
Thank you so much,

Warm Love,

 Justice Sambo

Learn about Global Youth–Resources from Gayle Kimball

Blog about global youth:


Gayle Kimball’s photos of global youth and their homes:


Almost 100 video interviews with global youth:

Gayle Kimball’s books about global youth:

Your Mindful Guide to Academic Success: Beat Burnout (Equality Press, 2017) A $10 ebook that includes suggestions from students from around the world, available on Amazon, etc.

Global Youth Values Transforming Our Future (Cambridge Scholars Publisher, July 2017)

Ageism in Youth Studies: Generation Maligned (Cambridge Scholars Publisher, June 2017) includes bibliography about global youth

In process available for your critique and additions:

Global Youth Activism: The Wave of Uprisings Since 2011

Brave: The Global Girls’ Revolution

Tactics and Goals for Changemaking

Fearless Girl statue vs. Charging Bull

The Wall Street McCann Ad agency installed a statue of a girl facing off the famous Wall Street bull statue in 2017, not a woman but “The Fearless Girl.” The sculptor of the “Charging Bull” asked that the girl statue be moved because she insultingly made his bull seem like a threat rather than a positive symbol of strength. Mayor Bill de Blasio supported the girl because people need inspiration in the Trump Administration and, “Men who don’t like women taking up space are exactly why we need the Fearless Girl.”[i]

[i] James Barron, “Wounded by ‘Fearless Girl,’ Creator of ‘Charging Bull’ Wants Her to Move,” New York Times, April 12, 2017.