First Memory?

What’s your first memory? Mine is walking out of kindergarten my first day when I realized it had a small fenced yard–our house had no fences, on an orange orchard.

I asked friends for their memories: Please add yours. Only the first two are men, the others are from women.

*Sitting on our front porch pretend flying a metal toy airplane, then recreating it when I was about 5 with that same toy plane because I wanted to remember that I had memory of this early memory.

* As a toddler I remember falling into a swimming pool and almost drowning before being pulled out.

* Mine was being in a diaper crawling on a blue carpet. Didn’t have anything else on just the diaper–crawling and sitting then crawling and sitting.

* My first memory staying with my grandmother at the age of 2, and pushing her furniture around-antique parlor chairs with wheels, on her wood floor. We had just moved to the States and my grandmother’s house was so different from what I was used to

* I remember drowning. I had apparently crawled off a long dock and entered the water. I remember twirling and swirling water, lots of bubbles and I recall a rather ‘fat’ man pulling me out of the water and me sputtering and choking, clearing the water from my lungs. I was not fearful, merely in the flow of experiencing the event; the ‘fat’ man was my elder brother who was not ‘fat’.

* Being in the womb, mom was nervously pacing around the small cabin they lived in. I could see through her eyes like using a periscope. We see dad’s car pull up and he looks stressed out. Seems she had told him she was pregnant and he said he needed time to think about it. He was coming home to give her his decision.

* I was about four years old, sitting on a flagstone path in our back yard, gazing at the multiple tiny white flowers that make up an alyssum blossom, and smelling its honey sweetness.

* I was 14-months-old and sitting on my favorite plastic horse with rolling wheels in my front yard. A man in a military uniform walked up and said “Hi, where’s your mom?” I pointed to the inside of the house. I found out later when I shared the memory that it was my uncle returning from the military.

*Playing tag or chase around an orange couch in the home I grew up in with my older brother.

*I remember a circus, the tent and elephants; my mom said I was two at the most

* The smell of my nursemaid as she sang to me, (coconut oil and jasmine) and the glint of her gold necklace against her dark skin.

*Climbing on a giant cement sundial and hiding in the cement flowerpots surrounding the sundial in the heart of an older neighborhood with lots of kids.

* Mine was not so good… I was terrified to come out into the world (hence the umbilical cord wrapped around my neck) with lots of chaos “out there” throughout the pregnancy. My mother was sad, stressed, scared, anxiety stricken, etc. My dad ANGRY. ALL that heavy dense energy… and then my dad saw me…EVERYTHING changed… Everything was lighter and confusing, and Loving all at the same time. As drunk as he was, he cried tears of joy when he held me. I remember ALL of it very vividly.

*I was still on the bottle and in an infant bed. My mother was going into town (we lived on a dairy and we had no baby sitters) and (I knew because she was all dressed up) and she put me to bed. I wasn’t tired and I knew she was leaving and I wanted to go and I was pissed she was leaving me behind. She gave me my bottle and made me lie down. She was just about to leave and I got up and grabbed my bottle by the nipple and pitched it to the door. It shattered all over the place. Now she was totally pissed came in and spanked me. I couldn’t feign this one as it flew clear over to the door and into the other room. I should have been smarter and just dropped it by the bed…anyways, now she was fit to be tied and had to clean up the mess and it was going to make her late. She was so mad. Very vivid moment.

* I remember my crib by the open window and I didn’t want a bottle, I wanted to use a cup but was too young. So I kept throwing my bottle out of the open window. I remember last laughing every time mom looked for the bottles. Then one day she found them all outside!!! Lol

* I was an infant and I had been swaddled in a blanket between pillows on a soft, plump couch. There was much talking and laughter from a party of people at the dining room table. Then my dad came over and bent down smiling at me, and his face was framed in a crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling above him. He proceeded to fly his airplane diving hand into my tummy over and over. I think there was something about that smiling face framed by the glowing, luminescent halo that created this strong memory.

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