speaker and consultant on global youth

What’s on the minds of global youth
How global youth are transforming our future
Youth-led recent uprisings
Academic success
Stress management
Women’s Studies
Gayle Kimball, Ph.D, is the author of
a dozen books, many of which explore groups under-represented in research, such
as youth. Professor Emerita at California State University, she has travelled
around the world to interview young people for her book series about recent global
youth uprisings, young women’s issues, ageism in youth studies, and goals and tactics for changemaking. Your Mindful Guide to Academic Success: Beat Burnout is a recent book that includes physical and emotional health, stress management, and resilience as well as study skills.
See photos and video interviews:
*Around 100 video interviews with global youth: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheGlobalyouth
*Literacy project in NW Pakistan: http://opendoorsliteracyproject.weebly.com.
*Twitter @gaylehkimball

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