provides unique resources for youth and teachers

This amazing collection of action resources aims to “empower our global young generation with humanity’s leading solution knowledge, tools and support to be the Change Generation – co-creators, inhabitants and stewards of a global, peaceful, just, thriving and sustainable, a sacred civilization – by making it present in one million classrooms, then one million schools, as well as homes, workplaces, public and media.

We harness the powers of heroIne role models, proven solutions, positive news, cross-platform media, story, gaming, distributed planetary volunteer collaboration, win-win-wins for teachers, journalists, NGOs, citizens and youth … our focus space is schools – youth’s daily hangout and ten+ year co-working environment.


Youth-Leader provides curriculum, posters, videos, action plans for making positive change:

  • basic and master skills development
  • brilliant, proven solutions for favorite causes
  • smart tools and tricks
  • flanking measures for building funds, public, community
  • global changemaker community
  • positive news media culture
  • badges and vivid visual documentation


The website includes a place to donate to this worthy resource for youth and their teachers.

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