Being a Minority University Student

2% of youth in the US are people of color, about twice as many as in the Baby Boomer generation. If you’re a student of color, the website in the endnote provides resources including organizations, scholarships, and rights. Amasha describes how she copes being one of the 2% of African American students in a California university in a YouTube video of a radio interview from my “Ask Dr. Gayle” radio show (along with a Chicano convict) about surviving in a hostile environment.
Like Alexis, Amasha finds support in a campus organization for students of color.
Alexis is the co-chair of her campus National Organization of Negro Women chapter at a PWI—predominantly white institution/college in Washington, D.C. She recommends that students of color find the multicultural center on campus and spend time there to relax with people who look like you and talk like you. You can take your armor off in this kind of environment and don’t have to explain yourself. It’s tiring to be the token person of color in class, the student that people ask to explain current events like Black Lives Matter. Since the Trump election as president, she faced increased racism, like being called the “N” word by another student on campus. More subtle microagressions are comments from friends like, “You don’t sound black,” or “Why didn’t you go to Howard University?” (a traditionally African American college). She relies on the support of her mother’s family who believes in her and is proud to be black. Michele Obama provided another approach when she commented about diversity awareness, “Real change comes from having enough comfort to be really honest and say something very uncomfortable.”

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