Indian Attitudes Towards Feminism

Ipsos Public Affairs surveyed 17,5512 people aged 16 to 64 in 2017 in Europe, India, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, US, Australia, and Canada. In India, 88% of respondents say they believe in equal opportunities, the same as the global average, and 85% say they actively support women’s rights, second only to China in their activism. More people define themselves as feminists (83%) than in any other country, much more than the global average of 58%. Men are slightly more likely than women to say they speak up for women’s rights, but half of the sample say they are afraid to speak up for equal rights—more than any other country (followed by Turkey and Brazil). However, 80% of Indians say equality is not yet achieved (more than the global average of 72%) and 48% say that men are more capable than women, 46% say women are inferior to men (the same as Russia), and 44% believe women should just stay at home (compared to the international average of 17%). It’s not clear how Indians combine feminism and feeling women are inferior.

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